Lola Savannah Coffee: Discover the Rich Flavors of Our Signature Blends

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Finding the perfect cup of coffee can be hard. Lola Savannah Coffee stands out with its rich flavors. This article will show you how their unique blends and roasting process make a difference.

Get ready to taste something amazing!

Lola Savannah: A True Texas Pound

Lola Savannah, a true Texas pound, is committed to exceptional quality and rich flavors. Its history and popular blends showcase its dedication to providing an unparalleled coffee experience.

History of the brand

Lola Savannah Coffee began its journey in the bustling state of Texas, where passion for gourmet coffee sparked its creation. The founders set out to deliver an unparalleled coffee experience, focusing on quality, flavor, and the art of roasting.

They started small but dreamed big, aiming to craft coffees that stood out in a crowded market.

With dedication, Lola Savannah quickly became synonymous with artisanal roasting and specialty blends. The brand’s dedication to premium Arabica beans and inventive roasting methods fostered a devoted coffee fanbase.

Each batch of beans receives careful attention during the roasting process, ensuring consistency and excellence in every cup.

As Lola Savannah continued to grow, so did its offerings. They offered diverse coffee choices, from single-origin to flavored beans like pecan or hazelnut crème, appealing to various tastes.

This diverse array showcases their ambition for new flavors while upholding their brand’s original high standards.

Commitment to quality and flavor

Flavor and quality underpin everything we do at Lola Savannah. Our commitment to delivering the finest coffee is tailored towards enhancing your tasting experience. Not only do we meticulously select top-quality Arabica beans for our blends, but we also employ special roasting techniques to ensure that every cup boasts rich flavors.

Each step of our process, from sourcing beans to artisanal roasting, is designed to unveil the secrets of exceptional taste.

At Lola Savannah, we’re exploring new flavors like pecan and hazelnut crème to create custom blends for your changing tastes.

Popular blends and flavors

Lola Savannah offers a range of popular blends and flavors that cater to all coffee preferences. Enjoy the rich and enticing aromas of our signature blends, including:

  1. Pecan flavored coffee – Experience the delightful nuttiness and subtle sweetness that define this unique blend.
  2. Vanilla cinnamon pecan blend – Indulge in the warm and comforting fusion of vanilla, cinnamon, and pecan flavors in every sip.
  3. Hazelnut crème and Nutterfinger flavors – Delight in the creamy texture and rich nutty undertones of these distinct flavored coffees.
  4. Explore our rotating lineup of seasonal and limited-edition blends, meticulously crafted for an exceptional coffee experience.

Explore our diverse range of enticing flavors that are expertly crafted to enhance your coffee journey.

The Process of Artisanal Roasting

The artisanal roasting process at Lola Savannah begins with carefully sourcing top-quality Arabica beans, followed by the meticulous application of special techniques for flavored coffees.

The roasting process emphasizes quality and flavor, yielding a varied selection of rich, aromatic coffee blends.

From sourcing to roasting

Lola Savannah’s commitment to quality begins with sourcing the finest Arabica beans from sustainable farms around the world. These superior beans undergo a meticulous selection process, ensuring that only the best make it into our blends.

Our artisanal roasting techniques further enhance the flavor profile, bringing out the unique characteristics of each batch. Lola Savannah Coffee stands out with a diverse selection of richly aromatic, robustly flavored light and dark roast options.

When it comes to creating our flavored coffees, we embark on a tailored approach, integrating natural ingredients like pecans or vanilla cinnamon to enhance the taste without overpowering the inherent qualities of our premium beans.

Importance of using top-quality Arabica beans

Top-quality Arabica beans play a crucial role in the rich flavors of Lola Savannah coffee. Sourced from specific regions known for quality, these beans are hand-selected to ensure excellence at every step.

The careful sourcing and roasting process enhances each bean, offering a flavorful, aromatic sip.

The commitment to using top-quality Arabica beans underpins Lola Savannah’s dedication to offering an exceptional coffee experience. By choosing these high-grade beans, the brand ensures that every cup delivers on its promise of rich flavor and aroma.

Special techniques used for flavored coffees

After ensuring the quality of Arabica beans, Lola Savannah Coffee employs special techniques for its flavored coffees. Expert roasters intricately infuse natural flavors into the beans, crafting a rich and balanced taste profile.

Crafted carefully to enhance distinct aroma and flavor, resulting in an exceptional coffee experience that captivates with every sip.

The Variety of Flavors and Blends

Choose from an array of flavorful blends and flavors, including pecan, hazelnut crème, and Nutterfinger. Explore seasonal and limited edition options as well. Ready to discover our unique coffee blends?

Pecan flavored coffee

Indulge in the rich and nutty aroma of our Lola Savannah Pecan flavored coffee. Savor the smooth, buttery notes of pecans infused into our premium Arabica beans. Each sip offers a perfect blend of coffee roast and subtle pecan sweetness, ensuring a truly satisfying taste.

Lola Savannah Texas Pecan Ground Caffeinated Coffee
Lola Savannah Texas Pecan Ground Caffeinated Coffee
Lola Savannah Texas Pecan Ground Caffeinated Coffee
Our Score

Indulge in the rich, southern flavors of Lola Savannah Texas Pecan Ground Caffeinated Coffee. Crafted with care in their Texas facility, this gourmet coffee blend features the irresistible taste of pecans, delivering a sweet and satisfying experience with every sip. Whether you're brewing it in a french press, pour-over, or coffee pot, Lola Savannah promises a premium coffee experience that will leave you craving for more.

  • Authentic Southern Flavor: Lola Savannah captures the essence of Texas with its rich pecan flavor, offering a taste sensation.
  • Small Batch Roasting: With a commitment to quality, Lola Savannah employs small batch roasting techniques.
  • Just the Right Amount: This coffee provides the perfect amount of caffeine to kickstart your day.
  • Limited Roast Options: While Lola Savannah offers a range of flavors, including light, medium, and dark roasts.
  • Ground Format Only: Some coffee enthusiasts may prefer whole bean coffee.
  • Pecan Allergy Concerns: Individuals with nut allergies should be cautious when consuming this coffee due.

Discover the perfect blend of earthy and sweet flavors in every cup. Our artisanal roasting method expertly infuses pecan essence into every bean, crafting an authentic, robust flavor.

Experience the warmth and comfort of freshly roasted pecans as you savor this unique coffee blend.

Vanilla cinnamon pecan blend

Transitioning from our delectable pecan flavored coffee, let’s delve into the enticing flavors of the vanilla cinnamon pecan blend. This aromatic concoction combines the warm essence of vanilla and cinnamon with the rich, nutty undertones of pecan, creating a smooth and indulgent cup of coffee that is sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Lola Savannah Vanilla Cinnamon Pecan Ground Coffee
Lola Savannah Vanilla Cinnamon Pecan Ground Coffee
Lola Savannah Vanilla Cinnamon Pecan Ground Coffee
Our Score

Indulge in the warm and inviting flavors of Lola Savannah Vanilla Cinnamon Pecan Ground Caffeinated Coffee. This classic blend offers a smooth and flavorful experience, perfect for savoring after dinner or whenever you crave a rich cup of coffee. Crafted with premium coffee beans and small-batch roasted in Texas, Lola Savannah ensures a fresh and gourmet specialty coffee every time. Wake up your mind with just the right amount of caffeine to kickstart your day, brewed to perfection in your preferred method.

  • Rich Flavor Profile: Lola Savannah's Vanilla Cinnamon Pecan coffee offers a well-rounded and rich cup of coffee, with intoxicating aromas.
  • Premium Ingredients: Crafted with only the finest ingredients and small-batch roasted in Texas.
  • Versatile Brewing Options: Enjoy this artisan coffee brewed to perfection in various methods such as French press, pour-over.
  • Limited Roast Level: This coffee is described as a light roast, which may not appeal to those who prefer darker or bolder flavors.
  • Specific Flavor Profile: While the vanilla cinnamon pecan flavor combination is delightful for many, it may not suit every palate.
  • Availability: Depending on your location, access to Lola Savannah's specialty coffees may be limited.

Crafted with meticulous care using top-quality Arabica beans, this artisanal blend encapsulates the essence of Lola Savannah Coffee’s commitment to flavor and excellence. Whether you savor it in a comforting morning brew or as an afternoon pick-me-up, this light roast flavored coffee boasts a delightful balance that sets it apart in the world of artisanal coffees.

Indulge in every sip as the aroma envelops your senses, unveiling a symphony of flavors tailored towards elevating your coffee experience.

Hazelnut crème and Nutterfinger flavors

Indulge in the rich and nutty notes of Lola Savannah’s Hazelnut Crème coffee flavor. Experience the velvety smoothness of the hazelnut essence combined with our premium Arabica beans, creating a warm and comforting blend that is perfect for any time of day.

Lola Savannah Hawaiian Hazelnut Ground Decaf Coffee
Lola Savannah Hawaiian Hazelnut Ground Decaf Coffee
Lola Savannah Hawaiian Hazelnut Ground Decaf Coffee
Our Score

Elevate the taste of the tropics with Lola Savannah Hawaiian Hazelnut Ground Decaf Coffee. Savor the sweet, buttery hazelnut flavor combined with a hint of milky coconut in every sip. Roasted in small batches in Texas, this premium decaf coffee promises a rich, full-bodied experience without the caffeine kick. Whether brewed in a french press, pour-over, or traditional coffee pot, Lola Savannah's commitment to quality shines through, delivering an irresistible aroma and heavenly flavor in every cup.

  • Tropical Flavor: Experience a taste of paradise with the sweet, buttery hazelnut and coconut notes.
  • Premium Quality: Lola Savannah takes pride in using only the finest ingredients and small batch roasting techniques.
  • Decaf Delight: Enjoy the rich, full-bodied flavor of coffee without the caffeine.
  • Limited Variety: While Lola Savannah offers a premium decaf coffee.
  • Ground Coffee: Some coffee enthusiasts prefer whole bean coffee for fresher flavor.
  • Price Point: Lola Savannah Hawaiian Hazelnut Ground Decaf Coffee, being a premium specialty, might cost more.

If you’re craving something unique, delve into the Nutterfinger flavor – a delightful combination of roasted peanuts and cocoa undertones that bring together an irresistible taste sensation.

These flavors are carefully crafted to elevate your coffee experience, offering a delicious departure from traditional blends.

Seasonal and limited edition blends

Transitioning from the delightful Hazelnut crème and Nutterfinger flavors, let’s explore Lola Savannah’s everchanging array of seasonal and limited edition blends:

  1. Pumpkin Spice Delight: Embrace the warm flavors of fall with our aromatic pumpkin spice blend, perfectly capturing the essence of the season.
  2. Winter Wonderland Blend: Indulge in the cozy notes of cinnamon and nutmeg, creating a winter wonderland in every sip.
  3. Summer Sizzle Infusion: Experience a burst of tropical fruit and citrus in this refreshing summer blend, perfect for those sunny days.
  4. Holiday Cheer Edition: Elevate your festive celebrations with our special holiday blend featuring hints of chocolate and peppermint, spreading cheer with every cup.

Unveiling these exclusive varieties allows coffee enthusiasts to embrace the ever-evolving landscape of flavors within Lola Savannah’s coffee realm!

The Experience of Lola Savannah Coffee Shop

Experience the warm, inviting ambiance of Lola Savannah’s charming coffee shops nestled in the heart of Austin. Indulge in a diverse menu offering that includes not only exceptional coffees but also delightful wine and coffee pairings for a truly unique experience.

Locations in the Austin area

Lola Savannah Coffee offers its rich and aromatic blends at multiple locations in the Austin area. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, you can enjoy the cozy ambiance and exceptional coffee at our cafes.

Each location provides a unique experience, from sipping on your favorite brew while enjoying live music to discovering new coffee flavors during a relaxing afternoon. With easy access from downtown to suburban neighborhoods, finding a Lola Savannah Coffee shop is convenient for any coffee lover in the Austin area.

Our cafes in the Austin area offer an extensive menu that goes beyond just great coffee. You’ll find an array of delicious pastries, light bites, and refreshing beverages to accompany your coffee selection.

Menu offerings

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with our diverse menu offerings at Lola Savannah Coffee.

  1. Start your day with a classic cup of our rich and flavorful single – origin coffee.
  2. Indulge in the aromatic experience of our organic coffee, meticulously crafted to perfection.
  3. For on-the-go convenience, explore our selection of coffee pods that deliver convenience and quality in every brew.
  4. Elevate your mornings with the delicate flavors of our light roast coffee, guaranteed to awaken your senses.
  5. Uncover the essence of our freshly ground coffee, ensuring a fresh and robust flavor in every cup.
  6. Embark on a journey through the realm of coffee beans with our distinctive blends, each tailored for a unique experience.
  7. Immerse yourself in the craft of coffee brewing as you explore different techniques and methods that underpin the ever-evolving world of coffee aroma.

Prepare to dive into the complexities of Lola Savannah Coffee’s menu offerings that are designed to enhance your ultimate coffee experience.

Wine and coffee pairings

Lola Savannah Coffee Shop offers an amazing and unique experience of pairing exquisite wines with their rich coffee blends. Pairing the right wine with your favorite coffee can elevate your taste experience to new heights. Here’s a list of some delightful wine and coffee pairings that you can try at Lola Savannah Coffee Shop:

  1. Bold Cabernet Sauvignon with Dark Roast: The robust flavors of a dark roast coffee complement the rich, full-bodied taste of a bold Cabernet Sauvignon, creating a truly indulgent experience for your palate.
  2. Crisp Chardonnay with Light Roast: The light, bright notes of a Chardonnay beautifully offset the delicate flavors of a light roast coffee, allowing each sip to be refreshing and satisfying.
  3. Rosé with Vanilla Cinnamon Pecan Blend: The subtle sweetness and fruity undertones of a Rosé pair wonderfully with the warm, comforting essence of Lola Savannah’s Vanilla Cinnamon Pecan blend, creating a harmonious balance of flavors.
  4. Merlot with Hazelnut Crème: The smooth and velvety texture of Merlot complements the creamy nuttiness of Hazelnut Crème, resulting in an elegant and soothing combination that delights the senses.
  5. Sparkling Wine with Pecan Flavored Coffee: The effervescence and playful nature of sparkling wine elevate the earthy tones of pecan flavored coffee, offering a delightful contrast that is both exciting and comforting.

Exploring wine and coffee pairings adds an extra dimension to your culinary journey, enhancing your appreciation for both beverages while broadening your palate. It’s as much about discovery as it is about enjoyment! Next up, let’s delve into the Tasting and Brewing Experiences at Lola Savannah Coffee Shop.

Tasting and brewing experiences

Experience the meticulous process of coffee tasting and brewing at Lola Savannah Coffee.

  1. Engage in a guided coffee tasting session to explore the diverse flavor profiles of our single origin coffees, carefully curated to showcase the unique characteristics of different regions.
  2. Participate in hands-on brewing demonstrations led by our expert baristas, where you can learn about various brewing methods such as pour-over, French press, and espresso.
  3. Delight in the opportunity to create your own personalized coffee blend with the guidance of our skilled team, tailoring the flavors to your preferences for a bespoke experience.
  4. Immerse yourself in the art of latte art through interactive workshops, where you can learn techniques to craft stunning designs atop your favorite espresso beverages.
  5. Embark on an educational journey through the complexities of coffee roasting with behind-the-scenes tours of our roastery, witnessing firsthand how we meticulously roast and blend our signature coffees.

Uncover the world of coffee tasting and brewing at Lola Savannah Coffee as we invite you to delve deeper into the craft that underpins each rich and flavorful cup.


Discover the artful craft of Lola Savannah Coffee. Explore a rich blend of history, dedication to quality, and distinctive flavors in every cup. From artisanal roasting to a vibrant coffee shop experience, Lola Savannah offers an unforgettable journey through Texas’ finest coffee culture.


1. What makes Lola Savannah Coffee unique?

Lola Savannah Coffee stands out because of its signature blends that offer rich and diverse flavors, giving coffee lovers a truly unique taste experience.

2. Can I find different flavors in Lola Savannah Coffee’s signature blends?

Yes, Lola Savannah Coffee’s signature blends come in a variety of rich flavors designed to satisfy every palate, from smooth and mild to bold and robust.

3. Where can I buy Lola Savannah Coffee’s signature blends?

You can purchase Lola Savannah Coffee’s signature blends at their stores or through their website, making it easy to discover the rich flavors of their coffee.

4. Are there any special brewing methods recommended for Lola Savannah Coffee?

To fully enjoy the rich flavors of our signature blends, we recommend following the brewing instructions provided with each blend for the best taste experience.


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